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Ethical Electronics

Computers, smart phones and tablets make a lot of things not only easier but possible in the first place. They can also replace a lot of other items and be a minimalist choice in that sense. But while companies are aiming to become more sustainable, there are still a lot of ethical problems with the… View Article
Closeup of Daniel's body riding a yellow city bike

Helsinki City Bikes

A few days ago we were on our way to meet some small wild animals on an island, and before we were even halfway there, my front tyre exploded. It didn’t just go flat, the inner tube ripped open several inches and the outer tyre fell off. Not wanting to stop the trip I decided… View Article
Black chinos, black derbys, a black t-shirt, black socks and black boxers.

How to Create Your Personal Uniform, A Super Simple Guide

1. Choose your favourite outfit To create a personal uniform you only need to come up with one outfit. Not one for each day of the week, or a new one every day, just one for all days. Simply choose your favourite outfit. If you come up with many outfits that are very different from… View Article

Repairing Sheets

One of my bed sheets ripped a while ago. At first it was just a small rip, but as I did not immediately repair it, it grew to be a hole the size of my hand.   The sheet had been cheap when I bought it, and had been presented as such. One in a… View Article

Fair Coffee & How to Foam Plant Milk

We enjoy coffee immensely. It is absurd that we are given the choice between fair and unfair coffee. But since this is the case, the fairer option is obviously better so that is all we buy. It is more expensive, but coffee is a luxury brought from far away and it doesn’t need to be… View Article