Gentle Adventure is a project that aims to encourage a beautiful, ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

Pink Burger Buns, Pink Coleslaw & Swede Fries

We love the concept of fast food style food that is a bit healthier and a bit fancier, made using local and/or seasonal ingredients. As nothing much grows here up North in the wintertime, we rely heavily on root vegetables and cabbages grown during the summer for sides and fillings in vegan burgers, wraps and… View Article

How to Save the World

There are a lot of choices to make in life and trying to be environmentally friendly all the time can feel overwhelming and complicated. There are many of small things you can do, but those small things only have small impacts. We listed four of the most impactful choices to make to reduce your carbon… View Article

Dressing Vegan in the Winter

It’s the coldest month of the year as I’m writing this, temperatures as low as minus 10 to minus 20 Celsius degrees (14 to -4 F). This year I’ve been dressing almost vegan for the first time (previously I had leather shoes, second hand wool coats, now there’s just the second hand hats of nonvegan… View Article

Zero Waste & Vegan Dental Care That Is Better for Your Teeth

I am nowhere near completely zero waste, but I aim to be less wasteful. Zero waste for dental care most usually means a wooden toothbrush, homemade toothpaste and compostable animal derived floss. I don’t think this is the best combination, not only because it’s not vegan but also because it can be a harmful choice… View Article

Winter Cycling

Amir inspired me to start cycling to school every day. He cycled to work 40 kilometers a day and I was like that’s cool I wanna do that. So I started riding my bike to school every day and when the winter came, I just didn’t stop. That was a few years ago. You do… View Article