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Helsinki City Bikes

Closeup of Daniel's body riding a yellow city bike

A few days ago we were on our way to meet some small wild animals on an island, and before we were even halfway there, my front tyre exploded. It didn’t just go flat, the inner tube ripped open several inches and the outer tyre fell off. Not wanting to stop the trip I decided to take a city bike. They are very easy to use, you can register and buy time online. The whole summer (until October) is just 25 euros, a week is 10 euros and a day 5 euros, and you can use the bikes as much as you want during those times. The instructions make it sound like you should use a credit card but I don’t have one and used Visa Electron successfully.


Daniel's happy face and upper body while riding a bike in the woods

But there is a catch. You can only use the same bike for 30 minutes at a time or you have to pay extra. For me this was not enough time at all. But they are convenient for short rides. You don’t have to store or maintain them yourself, and with their low frame and loose feeling gears they are easy to mount and ride even if you are not a very accustomed cyclist. The height of the saddle is easy to adjust without any tools or force. They also have a basket with an attached bungee cord which is super convenient. But the bikes are quite ugly, being sponsored by a grocery store chain, and having a design that looks more like a cheap toy than a classic utility bike.


Daniel riding a city bike in the woods in the distance

All in all they are a great option if you are just visiting the city or don’t own a bike, but also as a backup for local cyclists. No need for a second bike or a bus ride even if your bike is in the shop for some sunny summer days.

You can register to become a user here.


Ps. The bike took me where I wanted to go and we met some squirrels and birds and it was awesome.

Daniel feeding a great tit (parus major).

Daniel feeding a squirrel and wearing his all black uniform.


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