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Ethical Electronics

Computers, smart phones and tablets make a lot of things not only easier but possible in the first place. They can also replace a lot of other items and be a minimalist choice in that sense. But while companies are aiming to become more sustainable, there are still a lot of ethical problems with the manufacturing of new electronics. But what can you do?

You might not need a desktop computer, printer, scanner, speakers, TV, laptop, camera, smartphone and tablet. I haven’t owned a phone of any kind or even a computer for over 3 years now (I do have a tablet) and it has worked well for me so far. Think of what you need, then own just that.

You might not need to own your own desktop computer if you have one at school or work. You can also use one in the library or share one with your family.

I am one of those people who hoard their old broken devices for no sensible reason. But taking them to a recycling center or selling them to some other place that repairs and sells used electronics means they can get fixed and be used by someone else. Even if they are not repaired the materials can be used to make new devices instead of having to dig up new natural resources.

Buy second hand
Perhaps the most important tip I wanted to give. Supporting the recycling of devices instead of the manufacturing of new ones is simply the more ethical choice. My tablet and Amir’s phone were bought from Vihreä Omena and my stylus from Ronkeli and I can recommend both, although they sadly sell only Apple products. They both are in Helsinki and online, but if you know any reliable shops that sell used electronics anywhere else in the world, leave us a comment!


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