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How to Create Your Personal Uniform, A Super Simple Guide

Black chinos, black derbys, a black t-shirt, black socks and black boxers.

1. Choose your favourite outfit

To create a personal uniform you only need to come up with one outfit. Not one for each day of the week, or a new one every day, just one for all days. Simply choose your favourite outfit. If you come up with many outfits that are very different from each other but that you absolutely love, you can choose one, or do a capsule wardrobe instead of a uniform.


Black sneakers, a black hat and a black sweater.

2. Choose your necessary extras

After you have chosen your uniform you need to account for weather and special situations. If your uniform is a floral dress you will need something with it during the winter. But choose only the necessary extras. For weather, sports and fancy events.


Four black socks in a row.

3. Multiply

Copy your outfit to last you through one week. This means max 8 of the same item. There is no need for more than that, if you can do laundry every week. Many items can be worn for several days in a row, so of those you need even fewer copies. You can add variation here if you want, choosing your copies so that they are all different colours or have different details. For example your uniform could be a grey suit with colourful socks, the socks being a different colour every day.

And you’re done!

Close up of black vegan leather shoes.

Imaginary examples of uniforms with a little variation:

– White t-shirt, white underwear and light blue jeans with metallic shoes in varying metallic colours, and vintage spectacles.

– All black clothes with different coloured pastel hair every week.

– Grey athletic wear with pastel underwear and pastel sneakers.

– Black suit without a tie with loafers.

– Thick vintage sweaters with jeans that have become soft with wear.

– A loose black dress with pockets, with sandals to the beach, with leggings, brogues and a jumper to work, and with pumps and some jewelry to parties.

– Blue jeans with weird vintage t-shirts.



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