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Daniel’s Uniform

Daniel wearing a black t-shirt

Many people are worried someone will notice if they wear the same clothes every day. Others assure them no one will notice and it doesn’t matter what you wear. But I want people to notice. Wearing similar clothes every day sends a message that I have found my style. That I know what I want to wear. That I know who I am.

I wear a personal uniform that I vary a bit depending on the situation. My uniform is very simple, I wear mostly just functional classic basic clothes, all in black. Chinos (or jeans), a loose t-shirt, vegan leather shoes, and a jumper when necessary. I wear this to school, office, photography gigs, library, bicycling and parties. At home I take the shoes off, to work out I wear sportier bottoms and sneakers. In the woods and during the winter I wear boots. Usually just changing the shoes makes the outfit work in almost any special situation. I would like to add a dress shirt to my uniform though, to make it a bit smarter and better suited for fancier events.


Black clothes

I don’t literally wear the same clothes every day. I change my underwear, t-shirt and socks every day, but I don’t own different styles, just simple black cotton everything. I do own different styles of trousers, jumpers and shoes. Some pieces are more sporty, some are quite smart and others more casual. But since I only wear one colour, they all match. I am not able to make an outfit that I wouldn’t like. Even if I blindly grab any random pieces of clothing in a hurry, I still look stylish and I still look like myself.

This has most definitely not always been the case. I used to be one if those people who spend hours getting dressed, changing their outfit several times before going out. I couldn’t decide what I wanted my style to be. I didn’t have a complete wardrobe for any style, but huge pile of everything, but always missing something. It has taken me a long time to get where I am now and although I did love coming up with new outfits, changing my ways has made my life easier and I feel a lot more confident about how I look. I know what I want to wear. I know who I am.


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