Gentle Adventure is a project that aims to encourage a beautiful, ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

7 Edible Wild Flowers

There is an abundance of flowers blooming in Helsinki right now. These seven are all edible, and they also grow elsewhere in Europe and in North America. This time we enjoyed them in vegan summer rolls, but the simplest way to serve edible flowers is just to sprinkle the petals on top of any food…. View Article

Renewable Electricity & Heating

Housing forms a large part of an individual’s carbon footprint, about a quarter for an average Finnish person. And as most of this is from heating and electricity, housing emissions can be dramatically reduced by switching to renewable energy. Now that many are spending more time and consuming more energy at home and online, where… View Article

Carbon Footprint Calculators

The turn of the year is a time to plan and make positive changes to live better lives. In planning and learning how to live more sustainably, carbon footprint calculators can be useful tools for finding out where you’re at and targeting areas of improvement. The average yearly carbon footprint of a Finnish person is… View Article

Sustainable Pride Celebration

It’s Pride week in Helsinki, so I’ve collected some last minute pointers (they’ll work next year too!) on how you can make your Pride celebrations more sustainable. Travel Arrive with public transport, favour rails: trains, trams, underground Come by bicycle if you’re closeby! Food Have a vegan picnic Bring a fork, spoon and napkin along… View Article
Botanical mead in old glass bottle and small glass

Botanical mead

Mead is a typical beverage on the May Day celebrations in Finland, and we made our almost zero waste beverage with meadowsweet, for a botanical wild food version of the traditional drink. Finnish mead (sima) is usually made with granulated brown sugar, lemons and a tiny amount of fresh yeast, so unlike some honey meads… View Article