Gentle Adventure is a project that aims to encourage a beautiful, ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

travel & transport

Bicycling, slow travel, public transport, local travel & nature.

We don't own cars or even driver's licenses. We avoid flying. Yet we still sometimes travel, and go to places every day.

We recommend bicycling to everyone for whom it is possible.

Winter Cycling

Amir inspired me to start cycling to school every day. He cycled to work 40 kilometers a day and I was like that’s cool I wanna do that. So I started riding my bike to school every day and when the winter came, I just didn’t stop. That was a few years ago. You do… View Article
Closeup of Daniel's body riding a yellow city bike

Helsinki City Bikes

A few days ago we were on our way to meet some small wild animals on an island, and before we were even halfway there, my front tyre exploded. It didn’t just go flat, the inner tube ripped open several inches and the outer tyre fell off. Not wanting to stop the trip I decided… View Article

Second Hand Bicycles

Bicycles are a great thing to get second hand, for they are very durable and repairable, and often very classic in design. Amir has a second hand Rossin road bike, bought online in 2011. It has curly drop handlebars and great small details like the beautifully designed shifters. He had the originally purple frame painted… View Article