Gentle Adventure is a project that aims to encourage a beautiful, ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

house & home

Minimalism, second hand & ethical, bones & wild flowers.

We live in small apartments in small wooden houses. We want our homes to be beautiful places for doing things, not storing things.

Renewable Electricity & Heating

Housing forms a large part of an individual’s carbon footprint, about a quarter for an average Finnish person. And as most of this is from heating and electricity, housing emissions can be dramatically reduced by switching to renewable energy. Now that many are spending more time and consuming more energy at home and online, where… View Article

Ethical Electronics

Computers, smart phones and tablets make a lot of things not only easier but possible in the first place. They can also replace a lot of other items and be a minimalist choice in that sense. But while companies are aiming to become more sustainable, there are still a lot of ethical problems with the… View Article

Repairing Sheets

One of my bed sheets ripped a while ago. At first it was just a small rip, but as I did not immediately repair it, it grew to be a hole the size of my hand.   The sheet had been cheap when I bought it, and had been presented as such. One in a… View Article
two black chairs in front of a table

Repairing Furniture

Furniture can be very expensive and often requires a lot of material to make. But they can be very durable, and can be relatively easy to repair yourself. Of my furniture almost all is second hand, and most have even been free. Some were given to me by friends, others found at the recycling center… View Article
pile of books with a cup of coffee on top

Home Is Not Where The Books Are

We love books and magazines. We are very much into typography, photography, illustrations, colours, materials, words, facts and stories. We read children’s books and Swedish horror, cookbooks and essay collections. Witches, fashion and climate disaster. Books about people and books about plants. But we don’t really buy any.   Daniel enjoys not owning too many… View Article